An Uninvited Guest

One afternoon, after a long day of English Language Camp, all I wanted to do was pass out on my bed. As I prepared to plop on the mattress, I noticed that in the corner of my room, between my bed and the wall, was a shadow. I knelt on my bed, peering into the darkness, I noticed a small reptilian head duck down. In disbelief, I called out to my housemate, Kerri, “I think there’s  a snake or something under my bed!”

Grabbing a flashlight, I got down on my hands and knees to make a better assessment of the creature. It had a foot-long striped tail, a slender body,clawed feet, and forked tongue. I was relieved to find that the creature was not a poisonous snake, yet dismayed by its potentially wound-inflicting features. I contemplated throwing a box over it and scooting the box outside, but I lacked a box with proper dimensions for the job. So I made the decision to call my neighbor’s house to see if her husband was home. He was not and would not return for another few hours. So, after showering quickly, I left the miniature dinosaur under my bed and shut my bedroom door to ensure that it could not escape while I napped on the living room couch.


Around 8pm, my neighbor called to tell me that her husband would soon come over to help. Lo and behold, he certainly was prepared with a Steve Irwin-esque reptile wrangling tool consisting of a metal pole and noose. We peered under the bed to find that the creature was gone. We  moved the mattress, my clothes drying rack, and other potential hiding spots. Eventually, we discovered the lizard’ s new haven– the space behind my wardrobe.


The little guy was stubborn, constantly keeping his head out of sight. After turning the wardrobe different ways, my neighbor finally managed to wrangle the lizard using his lightning-fast reflexes. He ran out of my room and out the front door, with the frantically thrashing creature held out in front of him. He almost released the captive lizard back into our gutter, but changed his mind upon hearing the collective gasps and “No’ s!” from me, my housemates, and his family (who had been observing the whole fiasco). He instead released it into another neighbor’s gutter.

And so, the extraction was successful and free from bloodshed. Maybe one day, we’ll see our little friend again, just hopefully not in our house.


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